Crude Oil

Crude Oil

SGI under corporate responsibility without fail can supply crude oil from different regions of the world. Majorly we supply Nigerian Crude from direct Allottee holders with different API gravity as listed below;

  • Bonny Light Crude Oil(BLCO)
  • Escravos Blend Crude Oil
  • Pennington Anfan Crude Oil
  • Forcados Crude Oil
  • Qua Iboe Crude Oil
  • Brass River Crude Oil.

NB: We can supply BLCO to any refinery in the world on a trial basis outside conflict(war) zones without a financial instrument, except an official confirmable Purchase Order(PO) addressed directly to SGI

In Addition

Alternatively through our various Joint Ventures(JVs), we can also supply;

  • West Texas Intermediate(WTI)
  • Russian Export Blend Crude Oil(REBCO)
  • Venezuelan Crude
  • Saudi ARAMCO
  • Oman Crude Oil