Crude Oil

Refined Petrochemical

We supply petrochemicals from tested and proven Allocation or Title holders and Russian refineries;

Jet Fuel

  • Aviation Turbine Jet Fuel A-1(91/91)
  • Aviation Kerosene Colonial Grade 54( TS-1, T-1)


We supply different specifications of diesel gas oil from Russian and other origins depending on buyer's preferences;

  • Automotive Gas Oil(AGO)
  • EN590 (EURO 1-6)
  • Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel(ULSD)
  • Virgin D6(LPFO)
  • Mazut Fuel Oil(M100-75/99)
  • Fuel Oil(280/380 CST)
  • Premium Motor Spirit(PMS)
  • Dual Purpose Kerosen(DPK)
  • Petroleum Coke
  • Bitumen


Lastly in refined petrochemicals, we supply the below gas specification;

  • Liquified Natural Gas(LNG)
  • Liquified Petroleum Gas(LPG)

We also trade strategically in other commodities like mining and agricultural products like;

  • Gold(Ag)
  • Gem Stones
  • Exporting Nigerian Agricultural Produce


Under special condition with our partnered Russian refinery, we can supply AGO/PMS to any port of discharge (POD) in Africa with a fraction/token of required bank instruments(BG/SBLC/MT799).

We can accept confirmable instruments from low rated banks in Europe, America and or Asia without disclaimer.

In Africa, we can accept instruments from the following banks, by swift ONLY;

  • Eco bank Ghana
  • Coris bank International
  • Afrexim bank
  • NSIA bank
  • Standard Chartered(Any African country)
  • Socite Generale
  • First bank Nigeria
  • Stanbic bank Ghana
  • Fidelity Ghana

Lastly in refined petrochemicals, we supply the below gas specification;